In order to reduce the amount of pages on the site, I have reverted to this single page of links. Click on the titles to scroll down to the area of interest.

  1. Herne Bay Sites

Herne Bay Online A site highlighting the town and many of the local businesses.
Herne Bay Sea Cadets Ami is an active member at TS Triumph. See what they all get up to, via their newly updated site…..
Herne Bay Sailing Club Herne Bay Sailing Club can be found at the eastern end of town, in Beacon Hill.
Hampton Pier Yacht Club The yacht club is located next door to Herne Bay Sea Cadets, alongside Hampton Pier, rather unsurprisingly.
Bay Blast Charters Continuing the nautical theme. The home page of the website covers it, I think: “Herne Bay’s only performance boat based cruise, charter and fun trip company”.
Wildwood Park A wonderfully peaceful woodland discovery park, just outside Herne. A great place to take the kids.
Rubber Biscuit Quite possibly the coolest Rhythm & Blues band in the southeast. Certainly the coolest band name. I’ve also posted their current 2004 gig list here.
Briary Primary School Briary school has a very professional-looking site that provides lots of information.
Herne Bay High This site is divided into two parts; the school and the sports college.
Reculver Primary School The school is next to St Mary’s church in Hillborough.
“Drifters” “Drifters” is a working art studio and retail outlet in Mortimer Street.
Theatrecraft A Herne Bay-based theatre group, whose site is undergoing modification at the moment.
Kent Adventure Training Corps A recent site, created to highlight the organisations divisions in Herne Bay and Margate.

Save St Philip Howard School This site has been set up to gather support for keeping St Philip Howard catholic primary school in Herne Bay open. Plenty of information about the school and what the campaign wants to achieve.

Whitstable Sites
Simply Whitstable Dave and Chris Taylor’s fantastic site is justifiably popular and I am inordinately envious. Recently updated, The Taylor household has evidently been busy of late….
Whitstable Scene Packed with useful information. A very good eating out page also details wheelchair accessibility (or otherwise).
Whitstable Society The Whitstable Society was set up in 1960 to “look at all amenity related areas of life in Whitstable, from current issues to the history and geography of the area”.
Whitstable Lifeboat This site is run by Dave Parry, a member of the Whitstable Lifeboat crew. Full of history, information about the station and crew, plus a regular news update. See? some people maintain their site better than I do…..
Tortilla Army I saw this band of maniacs at a gig in the East Kent. Fantastic entertainment, flash website.
Whitstable Oyster Festival Dedicated to our local marine aphrodisiac, this site gives a retrospective view of last year’s festival.
Bookist Now; I’d not normally put a commercial site up but this is the online presence of Dave & Jackie Heenan’s bookshop, that stocks out of print or hard to find books. The significance of a link to Dave is in my weblog.
My Whitstable Fantastically irreverent views here. Please note: the site contains much that visitors may find offensive.
St. Alphege Infant School One of many schools that has a useful on-line presence.
St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School Since I started this site, a number of schools have created a presence. This is the local Catholic school.
Joy Lane Junior School I was only at Joy Lane for about two terms, when it first opened. However, the school has a site, so I have added it.
Whitstable Community College Formerly the Sir William Nottidge School, Whitstable’s only secondary school is in Bellevue Road, near the old Thanet Way.
Whitstable Wierdos An MSN Chat Group, run by Paul Flump, that seems to have a fairly lively contribution membership.

Other Sites
bikedayz Recently, Mark, John and I had the most wicked time, riding our bikes at ridiculous speeds through the French countryside. Contact Tony if you have a motorcycle and you could do the same.
Canterbury City Council The city council’s official tourist site.
Canterbury, Whitstable & Herne Bay The first official site I found, from Kent County Council this time. Good tourist and hotel information. Devoted to all things Kentish (or of Kent), this site covers all manner of topics from around the county.
St. Nicholas At Wade St. Nicholas-At-Wade is a few miles east of Herne Bay, in Thanet. This site is run by Ben Jones.
Channel Photography Channel Photography makes (among other things) aerial photos of the south of England. I used to have copies of some of the work in previous incarnations of the site, which may return, space permitting.
The Big Chill If surfing is your bag, this is your site, providing a forum for surfers around Kent.
Maritime Heritage Trail A new site for 2004, that provides information about the major coastal towns from Dungeness to Gravesend. Written jointly by KCC and the Council of Pas de Nord, Calais. A co-operative site, listing accommodation around the UK. This link takes you to the southern England section.
Bygone Kent The website for a monthly magazine on various aspects of local history et al.
Kent Diabetes Information This site describes itself as “a one stop central store of information that will assist every diabetic in Kent.”
Kentpics Colin Ballard’s collection of photos from around the county.
Canterbury Area Crime Prevention Panel The local Police’s on-line presence, courtesy of this site run by Chris Wise.

Web Authoring Sites
So, You Want To
Make A Web Page Everything you need to write and launch a decent site. Written by Joe Barta in a very friendly, easy-to-follow manner, this is the best web tutorial site I have seen.
W3 Schools The W3 (i.e. “WorldWide Web”) Schools site has a thoroughly comprehensive series of free professional on-line tutorials.
24 Hour HTML Café All the content of Dick Oliver’s “Teach Yourself HTML in 24 Hours” book, plus lots more.
JavaScript Workshop Another companion site, similar to the HTML Café website, this time covering the JavaScript book.
The JavaScript Source Lots of free source code complete with explanatory notes. Very informative and easy to read. The source for the new menu, amongst other things.
Dynamic Drive Another free source code site, providing Dynamic HTML code with decent notes and examples. I have taken lots of samples from here for this and other websites.
NoteTab Used to write all the site source code. A freeware version is available via this site.
Tim Williams’ email hider If you have a site with email addresses, you are an instant spammer target. Use this really simple link to create email links that won’t show up to search engines.
Web User Magazine A UK-based web magazine with lots of useful content. It also has a comprehensive readers’ forum.

Search Engines
Great British Pages The first site to include in it’s listings (in the travel section under “Kent”).
The Knowhere Guide A gloriously eclectic guide listing loads of places around the UK. Contributions to are made by local people with no connection to the tourist industry.
Irish & British Villages A comprehensive site, listing hundreds of villages and towns in Ireland and the UK.
Mirago One of those rare sites that shows the web “from a UK perspective”.
The Internet Archive This is an on-line reference library showing the history of thousands of sites. Even sites that no longer exist may be found here if you know the IP address.
My Home Town A web ring of sites, similar to this one, run by South Shields Sand Dancers.