This week’s feature

Whitstable Toy Run Association

(30 January) I got a phone call a while back from Steve Stubbs, a member of the Whitstable Toy Run Association, asking if I would consider assisting the group as it reforms itself. I spoke to Mark about it and we turned up today for the inaugural meeting at the driving range in Greenhill.
Somehow, I appeared to have landed the secretary’s job but that was OK, as Mark was voted in as treasurer. It’s very early days but, so long as we can harness the enthusiasm in the assembled group, the association should be fine.
I’ll write a website for the group and will organise an official domain name and all that stuff as soon as my finances get sorted. So, that won’t be for a while…..
Our first event for 2005 will be the Easter Egg Run, which will be on Sunday 20 March, setting off from the Gorrell Tank car park at 2:00. Bikes should arrive by 1:00 in order for the marshalls to properly organise the set-off.
I won’t put up committee members contact details here but should anyone want to know more about what the association is about, I’ve set up a temporary email address until I can get the proper site online. If you want more information, click here .